You didn't expect it at the center of
San Benedetto del Tronto

Spadù Pane e Spada

Good food, reliable and quality food, is the only human being's lifelong pleasure

A product of excellence

We thought of bringing to San Benedetto a fine species of Swordfish from the Mediterranean Sea, fresh and without freezing processes so that it ends up in the crispy embrace of a delicious sandwich becoming something unique.

Unique for its balanced taste
Swordfish is known for its unmistakable flavor, and with such a level of raw material, we have combined ingredients of the highest quality to enhance what is called “the prince of the sea.”

Unique for its nutritional values
With its lean meat, good percentages of essential fatty acids, vitamins and high protein intake, swordfish is considered a staple of Mediterranean cuisine.

Swordfish slice in an embrace of crusty bread

The sandwich is the first thing that comes to mind when one is hungry. The difficult thing is to create one that is mouth-watering, tasty, innovative but at the same time marries tradition. Create it in such a way that it has a bread that is simple but elaborate in composition, with healthy and sought-after ingredients, and as if that were not enough, that creates balance between flavor and lightness.

Something you can enjoy anywhere: at the beach, at work, during a walk, at home… anywhere!

Equilibrium and Harmony between Refinement and Taste

High-quality ingredients in a highly sought-after place.
Everything was carefully and thoughtfully selected in this adventure that entertained and excited from the very beginning, the moment we began to shape our ideas. That's why we hope to transfer the same sensations to you at the first bite of our incomparable slice of swordfish in an embrace of crunchy bread.


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